Polaris Ultra Entry Brochure
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  • Polaris®decorative glass lites are hand assembled by craftsmen. Wavy textures, tiny bubbles and other natural effects of art glass all reflect light differently. The metal framework is filled with moving light. The result is a unique, quality work of art.
  • 2.5″ R-13 polyurethane foam core meets environmental guidelines and offers maxiumum thermal protection.
  • Low-E thermally efficient glass upgrade is offered through the City Lites Collection. Invisible metallic coating blocks heat flow and shields against damaging ultra-violet rays.
  • Our compression weather-strip forms a weather-tight seal. The resilient foam is impervious to moisture and maintains its shape. We offer high-performance weather-strip and bottom sweep upgrades to further strengthen the weather barrier of your entry.
  • Internal Tilt Mini Blinds are child and pet safe and allergen free.
  • Products are put through rigorous at our in-factory testing facility. R&D ensures that our products are of top quality.
Finishing Options
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ValuSmart Brochure
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  • Polaris® vinyl compound retains its pristine appearance for a lifetime.
  • Dura-Tech™ rot resistant Alaskan Yellow Cypress offers the strength and rigidity of wood with the low maintenance attributes of PVC components.
  • Composite adjustable sills are technologically advanced and made up of all-composite substrates, synthetic caps and nosing.
  • All doors have steel reinforcement plates for additional security.
  • Permanent waterproof adhesive is rot resistant for a lifetime.
  • Doors are double bore standard to add protection and security.
  • Ball bearing hinges are more durable, better performing and less noisy than standard hinges.
  • Our pre-finished doors are paintable and protected by UV resistant topcoats.